Walk from Bang Wa MRT to Wutthakat BTS stations


30-Dec-2023 update: The entire jungly area between points D and E below has been cut-down and is now been developed.


The area just the south of Wutthakat BTS station is popular area for hash running in Bangkok, and recently whenever there is a run there, I leave home several hours early going direct to Bang Wa MRT station and walk to Wutthakat BTS station through some of the less populated areas looking for birds.

It's a nice 5 km walk and has lots of opportunity for seeing and photographing birds.

Below is my Strava heatmap of the area. Bang Wa MRT station is just above the top of the map, and Wutthakat BTS station is on the right side of the map.

Follow the overhead walkway towards the pier after leaving Bang Wa MRT station. Go past the pier and continuing along the walkway you'll probably see some Pigeons, Doves, Tree Sparrows and Myna birds. I also often see a Roller or two in the field to the right. After coming down off the end of the walkway, drop in at the 7-11 to buy some water, then you're good to go. 

Walk a short distance and turn right (point A) and head south along the alley. When you get to point B, there's several alleys to choose from, so try them all and eventually you'll find the right one that is not a dead-end, then after a while turn left at point C. If you reach the temple, then you've gone too far so go back. Along this stretch, you'll see or hear a lot of common birds, including Sunbird's of both variety, Tailorbird's, Magpie Robin's, Iora's, Fantail's, Bulbul's, Plaintive Cuckoo's, Waterhen, to name but a few.

Heading south again, you eventually reach Kanlapaphruek Rd, at which point you can either run across the road (not recommended) or walk to the pedestrian overpass and come back along the other side of the road. This stretch along the road is wide open for viewing the sky, so a good opportunity to look out for soaring birds overhead.

When you get to point D, go down a small path into the jungle again. This section gets more interesting, since at different times of the year, I've seen Ashy Drongo, Green-billed Malkoha, and just recently, several Greater Racket-tailed Drongo's. And of course Greater Coucal's and Coppersmith Barbet's can always be found or heard somewhere.

After Point E, there's a stretch of suburbia where you'll have to contend with kids on bikes and yapping dogs. You may see some caged birds too, but that's not really what we want to see. Point F is an opening into what looks like private property, but inside here I've seen various Heron, Egret's and Waterhen. Continuing on to around point G is another good birding area where I've seen Rollers, Pond-Heron, Egret, Flowerpecker's, Sunbird's, Oriole's and others.

Around this final stretch, you'll also be sharing the path with Motorcycle taxi's which are mildly annoying as they destroy the tranquility.

Finally you'll reach the highway again just near Wutthakat BTS, so drop in at the Cafe Amazon for coffee and review what you've seen.

 Ornate Sunbird

An Olive-backed Sunbird near Bang Wa Pier in Bangkok. It's not often that I get a downward view of perching birds. This photo is from the overhead walkway past Bang Wa Pier and looking down onto some overhead cables.

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

A Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, without a "Racket-tail"

Indochinese Roller

Indochinese Roller near Wutthakat BTS station in Bangkok.